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Események Velencében és a környéken : leírás

From 07 June 2014 to 08 June 2014

Vogalonga 2014

Vogalonga is an act of love for Venice and the water that surrounds it, for its lagoon and its islands, for rowing and its boats and maintained over time the purpose for which it is born: raise awareness and conscious respect for nature and the culture of our city .
The Vogalonga is a feast for all the people of the oar and is now, as at its birth, a peaceful witness against the swell, danger to the city and the lagoon.

The Vogalonga includes history of the place, tradition and the international dimension, uniting fans around the world who habitually frequents the lagoon and the lagoon belongs.

The Vogalonga is the result of the passion and tenacity of a group of Venetians who for over thirty years, non-commercial purposes, keep it alive thanks to the collaboration with the public and with all the realities of the world of rowing.

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