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3-star Hotel Vivit in Mestre! Ten minutes away from Venice featuring convenient parking for your car!

Set in the old city center of Mestre, ’Hotel Vivit has free parking for your car, two minutes away from your its lobby. 3-star Hotel Vivit is set in a palazzo from the turn of the century, in the immediate surroundings of a pay parking garage, which is a convenient way to reach Venice. In Mestre centro, your 3-star residence will be comfortable and welcoming.

Hotel Vivit awaits you in Mestre, near Venice! They await you in a free parking garage in the center of town, overlooking the piazza and many other comforts!

3-star Hotel Vivit in Mestre features a partner garage facility accessible for a fee for ’cars near the old city center, just a stone's throw from the public bus stops, from where you can catch the bus to Venice, in the old city center of Mestre. Venice is 10 minutes away by bus, and easily reached by those staying at 3-star Hotel Vivit, ancient residence of Mestre which offers free parking for your car.

Located a stone's throw from Venice, come and experience the hospitality of 3-star Hotel Vivit in Mestre!!! Passion and politeness for travelers!

Hotel with parking near Venice